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LifeLines Nov/Dec 2012

Robert Q. Thompson Remembered; Volunteer Days; Keep Indianapolis Beautiful; Christmas Bird Counts; November Program: March Hawks; December Program: Climate Change; Fall Field Trips and Events

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LifeLines Sept/Oct 2012

Appreciation Celebration; Mountain Biking Proposal at Eagle Creek; Kirtland's Warbler Trip Report; Birdathon 2012 Results; September Program: Waterfowl Migration, Rivers, and Landscape Change; October Program: Iceland—Land of Fire and Ice; Fall Field Trips, Outings, and Volunteer Workdays

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LifeLines May/Jun 2012

IPL's Green Power Option; Members Only Spring Wildflower and Bird Hike; May Bird Count; May Program: Chimney Swift Towers and Bird Trails — An Update on Local Projects; IMA and other Bird Hikes

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A Confused Field Sparrow

Any birder worth their salt knows that birding is a continuous learning process. I've often said that it took me several years of birding before I realized I knew practically nothing about birds.

A Confused Field Sparrow2017-03-23T16:08:30+00:00

Snowy Owls

Snowy Owls cast a bewitching spell over most birders. Here in the Midwest, where the species can be considered rare, the news of a Snowy being sighted tends to draw flocks of birders to the location.

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A Young Peregrine’s First Migration

Several birders observed an immature Peregrine Falcon at Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis, on October 1, 2011. One birder quickly noticed that the bird was banded.

A Young Peregrine’s First Migration2017-03-23T16:08:30+00:00

Are These the World’s Biggest Bird Houses?

Chimney Swifts are small birds, approximating 5.5 inches, but they demand large digs. Our Wings Over Indy project will build seven Chimney Swift towers, five of which will be located on five Indy Parks properties.

Are These the World’s Biggest Bird Houses?2017-03-23T16:08:30+00:00

Gravel Delivery!

Several people have spent the last six months planning Amos Butler Audubon Society's Wings Over Indy project. The project will provide artificial habitat for Common Nighthawks and Chimney Swifts, both urban bird species that are experiencing population declines.

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First Sign of Spring

American Robins are great birds. So are Red-winged Blackbirds. Ditto for American Woodcocks. Each of these species have fans who herald their return as a sign that spring is around the corner. I think I have a new personal harbinger of spring ...

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