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Deception? Fidelity? Promiscuity? These words are not typically associated with the mating behavior of birds. But the amorous avian world is much more complex than our naturalist forefathers would have ever believed. Join Team Schaust, father and son, as they share research on the pair-bonding strategy of birds through some fascinating facts and humorous analogies to our own crazy courtship behaviors.

Will Schaust has always had a love of the outdoors. He grew up camping with his family and graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Outdoor Recreation. After working at McCormick’s Creek State Park for four years, he went to Eagle Creek Park where he is now the Ornithology Center Manager. This allows Will to continue his study into the wonderful world of birds.

As Chief Naturalist for Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc. (WBU), John Schaust has spent the past 15 years supporting over 300 WBU stores by helping their customers be active backyard birdwatchers and thoughtful stewards of nature. Prior to joining WBU in 2004, John spent 26 years as an Interpretive Naturalist with various federal, state, and local park agencies. He is an avid birder and has been a licensed bird bander for over 30 years.