Killdeer in Winter

Killdeers winter in Indiana in fairly small numbers. So, it is a treat to see one in December and January. This was one of four birds seen at the Red Gold plant in Geneva, Adams Co., during the Limberlost Christmas Bird Count on Jan 1.

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ABAS Mourns the Loss of Carl Weber

Our friend and great supporter, Carl Weber, passed away on November 2. Carl, along with the late Bud Starling, were for decades the two pillars of the Indianapolis birding community. Carl's friendly persona and sense of humor charmed everyone who met him. He was a tireless supporter of Amos Butler Audubon and the birds. He will be dearly missed.

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Red Phalarope in LaPorte Co

Many birders have been visiting Kingsbury Fish & Wildlife Area, La Porte Co., IN, since Monday because of a Red Phalarope being present. This tundra breeder and ocean wanderer is occasionally seen on the Great Lakes in fall migration but it is rare inland and very rare for one that can be reliably chased.

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Swallow-tailed Kite in Franklin

A Swallow-tailed Kite has been present in Franklin, IN for possibly a few weeks. It is mainly being seen along and to the east of Graham Rd (225E) between 500N and 300N. These kites eat dragonflies and other flying insects so the best time to look for it is between 11am and 4pm when it is likely to be foraging - they eat while flying.

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Don Gorney & Chad Williams Receive Conservation Awards from the Robert Cooper Audubon Society

Congratulations to former Amos Butler Audubon board members Don Gorney and Chad Williams for receiving conservation awards from the Robert Cooper Audubon Society on November 13. Don received the Robert H. and Esther L. Cooper Award for conservation activities and Chad Williams (with son Ceth) accepted the Charles D. Wise Youth Conservation Award on behalf of the Indiana Young Birders Club. Woo hoo! All the award winners rock!

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Hummingbirds & Snowy Owls: An Odd Wintery Mix

The irruption of Snowy Owls from Canada into the Northeast and Great Lakes that began in late November is garnering a lot of attention. After the breeding season, waves of hummingbirds that nest in the western U.S. make their way eastward and appear in Indiana and elsewhere.

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Celebrating 75 Years of Amos Butler Audubon Society

To celebrate Amos Butler Audubon Society's 75th anniversary in 2013, we will be introducing you to 75 species of birds during the course of the year on our Facebook page.

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A Confused Field Sparrow

Any birder worth their salt knows that birding is a continuous learning process. I've often said that it took me several years of birding before I realized I knew practically nothing about birds.

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Snowy Owls

Snowy Owls cast a bewitching spell over most birders. Here in the Midwest, where the species can be considered rare, the news of a Snowy being sighted tends to draw flocks of birders to the location.

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