LifeLines May/Jun 2020

NOTE - Most May events in this newsletter are being canceled. Check the ABAS website calendar for updates. Corvids or COVID? Birding While Self-Isolating; Girls Gone Birding; Behind the Lens: Jason Jablonski; A Career in Birding: Sabrewing Nature Tours; Birdathon 2020; May Program: The Dark Side of Lepidoptera (being rescheduled to fall); Volunteer Training; Local Bird Hikes (almost all are being canceled)

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LifeLines Mar/Apr 2020

Sound Advice: How to be All-ears this Spring; Behind the Lens: Shari McCollough; Help Birds at Home: Certified Wildlife Habitat Program; Dr. Karen Rasmussen Bequest: The Power of Giving; Three Rasmussen Projects – 1) White River Bluffs Nature Preserve by CILTI, 2) Outdoor Learning Lab at Holliday Park, 3) International Crane Foundation Whooping Crane Awareness in Indiana; March Program: A Season on the Wind: Spring Migration through the Midwest; April Program: Bird Rehabilitation with Liz Hatton; Woodcock Walks; Smith's Longspur Field Trip; Beers with Birders; Local Bird Hikes

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Wood Warble Coffee Benefits ABAS

Jeff Canada, one of our fellow Indiana birders, is roasting coffee right here in Indiana. His coffee is Bird-friendy as certified by the Smithsonian. The coffee is quite delicious and the Bird Song Blend benefits ABAS. You can purchase coffee at Jeff has been roasting coffee since 2017 and it combines his passion for coffee with his passion for birding. Grateful Dead fans might also notice his passion for that group showing up in a few of the names for his coffees. If you have a passion for birds and coffee as well, you might give just give Jeff's coffee a try. We think you'll enjoy it.

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Lifelines Jan/Feb 2020

New Year's Resolutions: Birder Style!; Local Scientist Helps Save Threatened Red Knots; Ecoblitz 2.0: Hoosier National Forest Reveals Undisturbed Woodland Ecosystem; The Making of Central Park: A Gem in Hamilton County; January Program: Te Best of Birding in Central America — Which Country is Right for You?; February Program: The Secret Love Life of Birds; Celery Bog Nature Area Field Trip; Lakefront Field Trip; Eagle Creek Photo Hike; Local Birds Hikes

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LifeLines Nov/Dec 2019

The Making of Eagle Creek Park; Travel Tips for Birding Abroad; A Passion for Birds and Excellent Coffee; Eagle Creek Park Breeding Bird Survey Results; November Program: Birds of Great Britain; December Program: Antarctica Field Research; Muscatatuck Field Trip; Photo Hike; Volunteer Training Series; Beers with Birders; Christmas Bird Counts; Local Hikes; CILTI Hikes and Volunteer Days

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LifeLines Sept/Oct 2019

Lights Out Indy: Continuing to Move Forward; Migration & Citizen Science; Welcome to Wingspan!; September Program: White River Vision Plan; October Program: Indiana Raptor Center; Volunteer Training: Bird Banding Demo; Birdathon Recap; Meet the Board: Austin Broadwater; Bird Photography Walk; Fall Sparrow Trip; Fall Migrant Hike; Newfields Bird Hike; City BBQ Fundraiser; Zionsville Birding Trifecta & Social; Birds with Birders; Local Hikes

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LifeLines May/Jun 2019

Introducing the 2019 Birdathon Teams; Behind the Lens: Mike Timmons; Volunteer Spotlight: Donna McCarty; Choose Your Own Birding Adventure; May Program: Ornithology Center Celebrates Ten Years; Bird Photography Walk at Eagle Creek; Kankakee Sands Sparrow Field Trip; Spring Migration and Other Local Hikes; Birds & Beans Talk; Swift Watches; Volunteer Opportunities; Beers with Birders

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LifeLines Mar/Apr 2019

The World of Phylogenetics; A Decade of Avian Education; The Hills of Gold Hold Valuable Nuggets of Biodiversity; March Program: Birding South Africa; April Program: Why Bird Feeding Makes a Difference; Smith's Longspur Field Trip; Sodalis Nature Park Field Trip; Spring Warbler ID Workshop; Winter Lakefront Recap; Photo Hike Recap; Woodcock Walks; Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab Night Hike; Local Hikes for Spring; Beers with Birders

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Lights Out Indy Needs Volunteers

Lights Out Indy is looking for volunteers to help in several aspects of our initiative. Volunteers are needed April 1 through May 31. We are seeking volunteers who are interested in: contacting building owners; developing ideas for education and promotion; networking with nonprofit organizations, businesses, etc.; contacting public officials; surveying for birds fallen victim to window strikes.

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LifeLines Jan/Feb 2019

Bird the Bird; Social Media, Technology, and Birding; January Program: Hoosier Whooping Cranes; February Program: Birding The Nature Conservancy Properties in Indiana; CBC for Kids!; Winter Lakefront Field Trip; Eagle Creek Bird/Photography Walk; Goose Pond Area Raptor Field Trip Recap; Local Bird Walks

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