Watching Eagles in Indiana

Thanks to the efforts of many individuals and organizations, the Bald Eagle population has significantly rebounded over the last few decades. Before recent efforts began, the last eagle nest record for Indiana was in 1897. In 2010, more than 100 pairs of Bald Eagles nested in Indiana.

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Wings Over Indy

We have exciting news to share! Amos Butler Audubon Society is the recipient of a TogetherGreen Innovation Grant from National Audubon Society and Toyota. Amos Butler Audubon Society, and its partners, through the Wings Over Indy project, will support critical habitat projects in Indianapolis for Chimney Swifts and Common Nighthawks.

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Rescuing a Bay-breasted Warbler

As I bent down to grab the bird hunkered in the corner, I noted the faint streaking on the back. That was about the only field mark visible in the dim lighting as the head was tucked and the bird was fairly lifeless. I knew the bird was alive since it was still on its feet.

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Goose Pond FWA Biodiversity Survey

Amos Butler Audubon Society (ABAS) was a primary sponsor of the Goose Pond FWA Biodiversity Survey that was held July 16-17. The event brought together the state's leading scientists and naturalists to conduct a baseline assessment of the flora, fauna, and water quality of the 8,000 acre property.

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The Amos Butler Audubon Society Birdathon has a rich 20+ year history of providing funding for activities that promote the welfare of the birds of Central Indiana. For example, we have donated more than $100,000 to the American Bird Conservancy to protect land in Panama and Colombia.


Lights Out Indy

Amos Butler Audubon Society, through the Lights Out Indy initiaitve, is working to save the lives of migratory birds. This photo of a dead Yellow-rumped Warbler taken in October 2009 captures part of the problem faced by migratory birds.

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