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LifeLines Sept/Oct 2015

Bundy Ducks, Cabela’s, and Conservation; Grey-cheeked Thrush Migration; Monroe Lake Bald Eagle; September Program: Meet your President; October Program: Indidana's Birds of Prey; Waterfowl Workshop; Upcoming Field Trips

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Swallow-tailed Kite in Franklin

A Swallow-tailed Kite has been present in Franklin, IN for possibly a few weeks. It is mainly being seen along and to the east of Graham Rd (225E) between 500N and 300N. These kites eat dragonflies and other flying insects so the best time to look for it is between 11am and 4pm when it is likely to be foraging - they eat while flying.

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LifeLines May/Jun 2015

Goose Pond Visitors' Center; IAS Fall Festival in Indianapolis; Nest of Long-tailed Woodcreeper and ABAS; May Program: Indiana Parks Alliance; Upcoming Field Trips

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LifeLines Mar/Apr 2015

Barbara Jablonski receives Donna McCarty Volunteer Service Award; Great Horned Owl and Small Dogs; Rusty Blackbirds; Christmas Bird Count Results; March Program: Birding Argentina; April Program: Indy's Peregrine; Upcoming Field Trips

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LifeLines Jan/Feb 2015

Harlequin Ducks Visit Indianapolis; First Record of Chipping Sparrow in Panama Made by Hoosier Birders; Monarch Butterfly Tagged in Indiana Found in Mexico; January Program: Central Indiana Land Trust; February Program: Around the World with Wes

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Don Gorney & Chad Williams Receive Conservation Awards from the Robert Cooper Audubon Society

Congratulations to former Amos Butler Audubon board members Don Gorney and Chad Williams for receiving conservation awards from the Robert Cooper Audubon Society on November 13. Don received the Robert H. and Esther L. Cooper Award for conservation activities and Chad Williams (with son Ceth) accepted the Charles D. Wise Youth Conservation Award on behalf of the Indiana Young Birders Club. Woo hoo! All the award winners rock!

Don Gorney & Chad Williams Receive Conservation Awards from the Robert Cooper Audubon Society 2017-04-04T12:49:57+00:00

LifeLines Nov/Dec 2014

Christmas Bird Counts; November Program: Young Birders; December Program: Bird Banding in the Tropics; Upcoming Bird Walks

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LifeLines Sept/Oct 2014

Birdathon 2014 Impressive Results; September Program: Dragonflies; October Program: Bird Banding in the Tropics; Fundraiser at Granite City; ◦Upcoming Fall Field Trips

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LifeLines May/Jun 2014

Birdathon 2014; May Program: Proposed Mounds Reservoir; Spring Bird Walks; Morgan-Monroe State Forest Field Trip; Online Survey

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