Piping Plover Field Trip

The Piping Plover field trip last weekend was a success! It’s always nice when the species we set out to see decides to show up for the group! Big thanks to those that spotted the bird and helped to get the ENTIRE group a view!

The “bling” this little cutie sports allows for identification and tracking. Big thanks to Ryan Sanderson for sending in his and Mark Welter’s photos to see what information could be given about the bird. We found out that this 2016-hatched chick from North Manitou Island in Sleepy Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, is the only confirmed chick that fledged from that particular nest and is heading South on it’s first migration!

Good luck little guy!!

Be sure to follow the event page to get updates on upcoming field trips with ABAS. Aside from the awesome birds, we always have a blast out birding together!