Wings Over Indy

Wings Over Indy Receives
TogetherGreen Innovation Grant Funding

We have exciting news to share! Amos Butler Audubon Society is the recipient of a TogetherGreen Innovation Grant from National Audubon Society and Toyota. Amos Butler Audubon Society, and its partners, through the Wings Over Indy project, will support critical habitat projects in Indianapolis for Chimney Swifts and Common Nighthawks. In addition, Indianapolis schoolchildren will receive hands-on conservation knowledge as part of the project.

Partners in Wings Over Indy include Indianapolis Public Schools, Indy Parks and Recreation, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Central Indiana Land Trust, Butler University, and Marian University. The broad coalition of partners will be installing gravel pads on the roofs of more than a dozen Indianapolis Public School sites and at several university or commercial buildings. Wings Over Indy will be constructing several Chimney Swift “towers” at area parks and other high-visibility locations to serve as nesting sites and to help promote education about the species. Both Common Nighthawk and Chimney Swift are urban birds that have adapted to man-made structures but which are experiencing population declines. The Innovation Grant will also provide the opportunity to offer hands-on conservation education to elementary students from Indianapolis Public Schools.

“We are excited to be working with a broad coalition of partners to benefit both birds and students,” said Amos Butler Audubon Society president, Don Gorney. “Wings Over Indy will be a win for two declining, urban bird species and a win for Indianapolis Public School students. Students will gain a deeper appreciation of birds and the environment, while realizing that they have the ability to make a difference through hands-on conservation efforts.”

Wings Over Indy presents both a wonderful opportunity and a major undertaking for the organization. We will be relying on our partners and volunteers to achieve success. We will be asking for volunteers in the coming weeks. We hope to install the gravel pads and towers beginning in early spring 2011. Stay tuned! We’ll have lots more information to share as the project progresses.

Common Nighthawk photo by Michael Brown; Chimney Swift photo by Shirley Needham